The agile pipetting robot for research labs

goodBot is the first flexible and portable pipetting robot – engineered specifically for research labs. With its strong focus on user friendliness and its small footprint goodbot can adapt to any environment and experiment quickly and easily.

High Precision & Reproducibility
Ensure reproducible results every time with goodBots state-of-the-art robotic pipette.
Maximum Space
goodBot's modular work area allows you to go all in with your experiments. Extra targets, extra replicates, extra discovery. Just a tap away.
Portable & Compact
Use goodBot wherever you need, whenever you need. goodBot's modular small form factor doesn't blck any space and fits in a regular cabinet.
The Interface for Every Researcher
With goodBot, you don’t have to be an automation expert to execute complex experiments. Its straightforward, visually intuitive interface allows you to get experiments like PCRs up and running in just 3-4 minutes.
Use what you already have
goodBot uses universal pipette tips and fits the lab vessels you already have in your lab

Compact & User Friendly: Exactly what Research Labs Need

Why settle for outdated lab procedures?

goodBot brings you the next level of efficiency with a focus on portability and user friendliness.


Precision & Efficiency

  • Error-free pipetting ensures reliable experiment outcomes.
  • Rapid processes deliver  results faster.
  • Batch to batch consistency and high reproducibility
  • Prevented sample loss through human error

Scalability & Knowledge

  • Easy adaptation of new methods
  • Protocol standardization ensures
    consistency in method execution
  • Saved protocol libraries prevent
    knowhow loss
  • More replicates, more targets,
    more timepoints without more

Adaptability & Savings

  • Adaptable robot suits changing
    research needs
  • Reduced reagent use and cost
  • Freed up human capital allows
    researchers to focus on more
    important tasks
  • Access to shared protocols
    libraries simplifies experiment
    setup and saves time

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Automation is the future of research labs. Start now and benefit from higher efficiency, reproducibility and time savings! 

“I was blown away by how easy it was to have it transfer a few microliters of
samples from one 96 well plate to a new one”

Dorothee Derwort, phD candidate

University Freiburg

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